Say the word probiotics in a room full of people and you get the kind of stare only a mad scientist gets when he shouts Eureka. What ARE you on about? Oh are those the tiny scary bacteria that live in your stomach and eat the bad guys? No wait they are the guys that kill the bad guys that cause weird stomach issues. Confusion reigns.

The concept of probiotics has been around for a while and we have the media and the medical fraternity to thank for that. For many years now, come winter, probiotics are recommended with a script of antibiotics because that’s when we need to take probiotics right?

Wrong! Let’s first understand the term biotics so we can see where the PRO part falls into the picture. In Wikipedia’s words biotic describes a living or once living component of a community; for examples organisms, such as plants and animals. Biotic can refer to the condition of living organisms, therefore probiotics must mean for the benefit of the living organism, meaning you!

Simply put probiotics are the good guys that help increase your gut health and this is important because your gut health is basically a measure of how good your immune system can function.

So using probiotics during a course of antibiotics makes complete sense because antibiotics kill off the bad guys and a lot of the good bacteria that help maintain balance in your gut. A probiotic supplement will pop into the system and start spreading armies of good guys to replace the ones that were lost.

It would be really great if there was a term like PROprobiotic because, entiro™ literally falls into this category. Not only does entiro™’s dual strain formulation add to the good guy population, helping to bring about balance, it does so in your entire gut. The secret that no-one shares is that many probiotics don’t work in every little nook and cranny in the gut. And what’s more, on top of the good guy invasion, entiro™ actually packs huge guns to literally shoot the bad guys. It’s like a B grade Western down there in your intestines.

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