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a probiotic for the entire family

Trust your gut with entiro™ PROBIOTIC

entiro™ PROBIOTIC is a range of oral probiotic supplements to support gut health by normalising the balance of the gut flora which improves gut functioning.

Maintain a healthy intestinal balance

entiro™ PROBIOTIC works by lining, binding, and protecting the entire gut for overall good health.




Why choose entiro™ PROBIOTIC

entiro™ was developed through award-winning research at the University of Stellenbosch.

entiro™ is scientifically formulated to colonise and adhere to the lining of the gut.

The bacteria in entiro™ produce antimicrobial peptides, which protect against several harmful bacteria.

The barrier of protection extends throughout the entire gut, as entiro™ strain covers both the small and large bowel.

Lines, Binds and Protects the entire gut.

Available in a variety of dosage forms for ease of use.

When taken regularly, probiotic supplements should normalise the balance of the gut and improve digestive function2.

If you are taking an entiro™ probiotic supplement during antibiotic therapy to restore gut flora, take at least one hour apart from prescribed antibiotics. This can be taken again after 12 hours3.

entiro™ PROBIOTIC LINES, BINDS AND PROTECTS the entire gut, maintaining and balancing the intestinal flora3.

where to buy

Conveniently available nationwide

entiro™ PROBIOTIC products are available in-store & online at leading retail and independent pharmacies and selected retail supermarkets.