Take care of your gut

Today so much more is known about our ‘gut microbiome’ – home to trillions of microorganisms living in our intestines. Most are extremely beneficial but amongst the 500 odd different species of bacteria residing there, some ‘bad’ bacteria can cause infections and illness. It’s all about keeping the balance between the good and bad gut flora as these organisms are known, which can easily be affected by many things from poor diet, stress and travel to various illnesses.
World renowned microbiologist, Professor Leon Dicks of Stellenbosch University contributed to the production of entiro™, one of South Africa’s fastest growing probiotic . According to Professor Dicks “entiro™’s unique antimicrobial compounds are what keeps pathogens at bay. A healthy gut balance should be part of everyone’s health regime but there are also specific areas that will particularly benefit from a daily dose of entiro™.”

The gut and your lungs

Research carried out over the last few years has shown a link between an imbalance in the gut and several lung diseases, indicating that some probiotics have beneficial effects on lung health .

Probiotics beneficial to eczema and allergies

Thought to be linked with the increase in environmental pollution, cases of allergies and eczema seem to have escalated over the last few years. Recent research has shown that changes in microbial composition and function in the skin and gut have been linked to alterations in immune responses and to the development of skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis (AD), a common skin complaint. This research declares that ‘emerging evidence indicates the gut and skin microbiome could be manipulated to treat AD .

Relief for Crohn’s, irritable bowel syndrome and irritable bowel disease

Another area where good gut health is essential are the common but highly debilitating illnesses, crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome and irritable bowel disease. These can severely impact your day to day life. Whilst there’s no cure for these illnesses, studies show that by wiping out a significant portion of bacteria in the gut microbiome and then re-introducing a certain type of good bacteria could be an effective way to treat these diseases .

The good news for sufferers of these illnesses is that evidence also shows that probiotics can assist in relieving their often highly uncomfortable symptoms .
This doesn’t mean you have to have a health problem before taking probiotics but rather be one step ahead making sure your body maintains a balance between the good and bad gut bacteria that cause illnesses. Get your daily dose of entiro™ which lines, binds and protects your entire gut, ensuring you stay healthy.


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